Connections to Independence
Guiding youth down the road to living independently

Mission: C2i exists to provide unique programming and advocacy for foster care youth, ages 15-24, to promote a successful and healthy transition to living independently as they reach adulthood.

Values: It is Connections to Independence belief and culture that:

➢ All positive interactions begin with the healthy development and nurturing of genuine relationships.

➢ Every youth is respected and feels safe to express their unique selves in a stable, trusting, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment.

Youth voice is supported and reflected in everything we do.

➢ All youth are connected to community resources and circles of support that fit their unique needs and goals.

➢ C2i Staff, board and community partners demonstrate genuine passion, compassion, understanding and commitment to the holistic development of foster care youth.

Core Competencies: C2i has a unique holistic approach to moving youth on to living independently when they reach adulthood that focuses on a healthy mind, body and soul. All youth will develop and achieve goals/outcomes in the following areas: Housing, Employment, Education, Financial Literacy and Personal Wellness.

Vision: All youth in foster care will have access to the relationships, supportive services, and programming of C2i to assist them to holistically develop into positive and successful contributing members in the community on a local, national, and global level.

Urban Ventures
Urban Ventures is breaking the cycle of generational poverty in South Minneapolis one person, one family at a time. Twelve programs empower participants by creating sustainable JOBS, enhancing children's EDUCATION and strengthening entire FAMILIES.

For over 20 years, Urban Ventures has brought genuine change and quantifiable results to a neighborhood in need:

JOBS & SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Our job readiness program places 350 clients each year into sustainable, living-wage jobs, returning over $10,000,000 in wages to the community. Each dollar invested in our program returns $25 in wages. Our social enterprise CityKid Java creates a sustainable source of revenue.

YOUTH & EDUCATION: Youth mentoring, tutoring, and sports programs are closing the achievement gap in a neighborhood where 70 percent of minority students drop out of high school. Urban Ventures youth consistently graduate at more than TWICE the neighborhood average. Kids in our programs show significant improvement in math (85 percent) and reading (65 percent).

FAMILIES AND RELATIONSHIPS: Each year, two nationally recognized parenting programs teach valuable life skills to thousands of at-risk parents. Where most organizations may focus on one area, Urban Ventures provides opportunities to each member of a family.

Together with our volunteers and donors, Urban Ventures provides the hope and opportunities 3,500 participants need to create better futures for themselves and their families.

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